Making A Ukulele – Part 6

February 7, 2007

Oh my God!!!! We’re finally finished making our ukulele.

What a long strange trip it’s been… we started this way back in July 2006, and because of general laziness and being busy with other things it’s taken us eight months to do something that could have been done in a week or two.

As you know from our last ukulele post, we finished and strung our uke, but then realized that the nut grooves needed to be filed so that the strings would be 1/64 of an inch from the first fret. We ordered a nut file and spacers from Stewart-McDonald to get this done.

We filed down the grooves in the nut this weekend, and restrung the uke with new strings. This time we used concert strings rather then soprano strings because the soprano strings weren’t long enough. Then, we let the strings stretch for a few days, tuning them a couple of times a day.


Then, we were finished! We posed for a picture with Jimy’s evil twin brother Timy who just recently resurfaced (more about him in future posts).

Finally, to end this thread, Jimy has recorded a song with our new ukulele; “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees. He wants to dedicate this song to Grandma, who’s always believed in us, and Janice, who never lost faith that we would finish this project. Because of all the extra money we had to invest beyond the kit, I think this summer we’re going to make a dulcimer! Stay tuned!

Listen to: I’m a Believer


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