Our Blog Was Attacked!

March 17, 2006

Word of our next post, which will shock the world when we expose the evil amongst us, must have gotten out. Our blog was attacked last night in a most heinous manner. Don’t panic, we’ve been able to restore the blog back to its eye catching format, although it was not an easy task. We will not be intimidated Herr Doctor, you’re crimes against humanity will be exposed!

Luckily, Jimy had installed security cameras recently, so we were able to capture evidence of this evil act. You can view it below if you have the stomach for it.


Jimy’s Not A Child!

March 2, 2006

One thing Jimy doesn’t like, and in fact makes him turn red with anger, is when we go out to dinner at the mexican restaurant in the Rio Center the waitress always hands him a child’s menu and a box of crayons, WITHOUT EVEN ASKING HIM IF THAT’S WHAT HE WANTS!!! He gets so mad that sometimes he won’t even go back to the restaurant again until at least the next day.

The last time it happened I said to Jimy, “Jimy, maybe what you need to do is grow some facial hair so that you look older and the waitress will always give you an adult menu instead”.

Then Jimy said to me “Jacky, what kind of facial hair should I grow? I don’t want to spoil my good looks!”.

So I said to Jimy, “I know Jimy, let’s show some examples on our blog and ask all the really smart people that use the internet to decide for you”.

Really smart people of the internet, please select one of the facial hair Jimys from below, and let us know as soon as possible because we’re hungry and want to go back to the mexican restaurant at the Rio Center to eat! Thank you!

hair1.jpg hair2.jpg