Internet TV Show Idea

February 28, 2007

After watching the pilot for a new internet TV show – “Kitchen Appliances of Yesteryear” – Jimy and I have decided to develop our own internet TV show. Our show will be a kinda talk show where we interview important people from around the world. Look for our pilot episode to be posted in 3 to 4 weeks. Who knows, maybe one of the networks will pick it up!

Here’s the pilot episode of “Kitchen Appliances of Yesteryear”.


March On Washington Protest

February 2, 2007

Wow, Jimy and I haven’t posted anything here since November!

Just to get things going again, here’s a video we made of last week’s March on Washington protest. It was fun watching some of the people there perform. This weekend we’re going to file down the nut and bridge of our ukulele, and record a song to post if we have time.

The music in the video is from Jesse Malin. Check him out.
Jesse Malin
Jesse Malin Myspace

Halloween Is Almost Here!

October 29, 2006

We are so excited that Halloween is only a few days away. I think I’m going to dress as Batman this year and Jimy is going to be Robin. We can’t wait to eat all the candy we’re going to get!

Here’s some spooky videos our friend took from the haunted Moundsville State Penitentiary in West Virginia to get you in the spirit (pun intended).

PB & J

October 16, 2006

Our friends Katie and Ed made this video to submit to monthlyDV, which is a monthly theme based video collaboration. Jimy and I decided to post it with our reviews of their effort.

Jacky – First off, I don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwichs, so I have no interest in the topic. Secondly, I can’t get that stupid song on the soundtrack out of my head, which feels like it may explode at any minute. Other then that I thought it was pretty good.

Jimy – Bravo! The soundtrack complemented the stop motion in the video to a T.  I haven’t stop dancing since listening to it. The acting was superb; look out Oscar show. It left me wanting for more. Is there a sequel in the works, maybe to include an  ice cold glass of milk?  4 stars!

We found this new game on Jay is Games today. It’s awesome! It’s called Line Rider, and basically you draw a ski slope, and this little guy sleds down the slope you just drew. It involves speed, crashes, and artwork all in one game. This game may give Fly Guy a run for its money.

(click the image to play the game)

Pick UR Own

September 8, 2006

Ever had a burning desire to get up early on a holiday, drive into the country, and then pick apples off of trees – apples that you then have to pay for instead of getting paid to pick them?……We don’t either, but that’s exactly what we did last week.

Why did we do it? Because if we didn’t help pick the apples then Janice said we wouldn’t be able to eat any of the apple cobbler she was going to make that night. Actually, it turned out to be kinda fun…a little bit. When we got to the farm the first thing we got to do is pet a couple of dogs that were eating husks of corn. Then we got baskets and walked to the apple trees. Jimy had no idea what he was doing. He thought the more ripe the apple was the better the apple, and was picking the worst apples you’ve ever seen. Eventually we had to ask him to stop helping.

Eventually we picked 2 whole baskets of apples! The hardest part was climbing up the trees to get to them though, and when we were finished we sure were tired. Falling out of the tree a couple of times wasn’t fun either. Another thing we found out is that there’s a bunch of different kinds of apples. I can’t remember all the apple names now, but I think we were picking Jonathan apples.

Neither JImy or I want to be migrant farm workers when we grow up, but we sure were feeling good about the day when we were eating that apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream later that night!

General Laziness

August 7, 2006

Well, Jimy and I are both in a summer time slump I guess. Here’s the list of things we had planned to accomplish this summer.

  1. Lay down the vocal track for our “America’s Got Talent” song.
  2. Post a Haiku update.
  3. Clean our room.
  4. Go to a Washington Nationals game.
  5. Position and glue the bridge to our ukulele so we can send it to Grandma’s to have her paint it.
  6. Expose the evil amongst us as we promised on 3/17/2006.
  7. Resolve Middle East peace.
  8. Change toothpaste brands.
  9. Post about Jacky’s Reid Fleming comic books.
  10. Learn how to juggle.

As you can see, our completion ratio is not that good. 😦 We need to get off our lazy butts and get some things accomplished!

One thing we did do recently was help out our friend Ed by recording a soundtrack for his latest cell phone video. Click the image below to see the video and listen to our work!

obx video